Technology might as well drag us away from laptops. I believe there is no stiff border between art and science. Just as there isn't one between humanists and programmers. 

The Blob project

Blob is a reactive, geometric creature, programmed to visualise, breathe and interact. The Blob’s shape is shifting in reaction to data.
Abilities of this project are widely extensive and multidirectional. Currently it is reacting to music and different sound properties – frequencies, beats, amplitude. Mechanics hidden inside are programmed to visualize by bulging the elastic body of the Blob.

Arduino | Teensy | 3D Print | Laser cutting | Liquid latex | Makers Beam Mechanics

Jutronauci 2018 – Gazeta Wyborcza
Koneser, Warszawa

Festiwal Permutacje
CKiS, Konin

TEDx Warsaw
Mała Warszawa, Warszawa

Gdynia Design Days 2019
PPNT, Gdynia


Theatre scenography Blob

Blob is the main scenography element in the theatre play – „Teraz każdy z Was jest Rzeczpospolitą” – played at Teatr Dramatyczny in Wałbrzych and Teatr Współczesny in Wroclaw.

This much bigger version was created using  techniques discovered while working on the first  Blob. While adjusting them to different size and theatre needs. 

I had much fun with deeper exploration of the liquid latex capabilities. The theme was – filthy and organic. 

Arduino | Trapezoidal screw | Liquid latex | Woodworks

The Box for Bulb project

DIY midi pedal controller. The Box takes 5 midi pedals and sends their signal through Arduino to the corresponding patch in Max MSP – controlling hacked christmas lights and piezzo microphones.

Unsound Festiwal 2019 
Manga, Kraków

Kwartludium – Roboty, Arduino i Game Over
Teatr Nowy, Warszawa 

Arduino | Max MSP | Laser cutting | Woodworks

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