Working with music visualization is like creating a playground for the spectator's imagination. Approached well, it can be conceived as an extra layer to the sound.

Cymatics, Soundlab 
Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin

The audiovisual project is based on live-recorded materials, where I used many different liquids reacting to sound frequencies. The live show consisted of music composition played by orchestra and electronic layers with visuals.
Visuals are based on rendered cymatics records blended with generative, digital layers based on algorithms reacting to sounds in real-time.

Kondensator Przepływu

Audiovisual project, where everything is improvised and live generated. I work with two musicians and together we are creating a situation / experience that people can join in and sink into the world created.

Every concert is unique, we shift and adjust what we do on scene to the current space, public and atmosphere. 

Joanna Duda KEEN

I have created a set of visuals for Joanna Duda’s first solo album. 

All songs are very extensive and different, some of them mainly performed on piano and some on the electronic setup. 

Just as the variety of sounds I have created variety of different visuals. 


An audiovisual project created for Szczecin Philharmonic. 

To present and interpret the Cymatics phenomenon efficiently I have prepared a self-made Cymatic installation consisting of a speaker, amplifier and petri dish. 

I recorded my experiments with several liguids and used them as the base of my visual work. The whole performance was build on both live generated visuals and rendered videos with recorded material of vibrating sound wave forces. 




Computer Science ER4SE 

Music video created for ER4SE’s track.


Solo project 

Audiovisual concert with rendered video material and live music. 


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